Cléair Monroe Throughout the Years | Cléair Monroe

With the arrival of my new collection, CM7. I'd like to take a look at Cléair Monroe throughout the years and give you insight on my creative thought process for my first six collections. 


Fusion Collection: Spring '17

Nothing compares to your first. I really was interested in the idea of less is more. I spent so many hours on that Rope Tee, but I am so happy to say that was my first shirt for the collection, what an honor. This is collection was also special because this collection I introduced the side zipper placement for all bottoms, which is now a signature staple for the brand.



Hues Collection: Spring '17

My mind state for this collection was groups of girls who like to dress the same but take on different personalities and colors. I had a strong desire to make a monochromatic two-piece set in different colors.


Black Parisian: Fall/Winter '17

This one was special. I was in a space of feeling like New York was suffocating me. I was also heavily reading different works of Josephine Baker and how she came from St. Louis then later moved to New York before departing for Paris. I was also inspired by one of my favorite writers and debaters James Baldwin who also left New York to relocate to Paris. The collection was a lucid dream of what I would like to wear, look, and feel my first time in Paris.


Self Discovery: Spring '18

I got inspired by watching, “Cast Away” starring Tom Hanks. It sparked the question in me. What if I was involved in a plane crash and I had to start over. All I had were the contents in my suitcase. How would I wear and re-wear my clothes? I ended up with tri tanks, dresses, inside-outside jeans, bralettes, and shorts.



Black Tempo: Fall/Winter '18

Black Tempo was inspired by Janet Jacksons’ Rhythm Nation video and the Matrix. I challenged myself to take black to the new level by adding flavor to it. How can I make this shade pop without adding another color? I used textured fabrics, zippers, and embroidery to achieve my look and I will say, it’s one of my favorite collections yet.


Colhers Collection: Spring '19

Colhers was about uniting. I noticed a lot of people loved the white milk dress from the self-discovery collection so I thought I would revisit this design, but add to it. I was researching colors and their significance. What they mean and how do we take them on once we wear them.


CM7: Fall/Winter '19 | Featured Collection

How do you take classic garments and add your own flavor to it? How do I redefine winter but not use all dark colors? I pushed myself to not settle but keep going until I was satisfied. This thought is to be continued as I am still basking at the moment.